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Beevp broadband video platform, Imagine having your own Custom TV Channel.. Online

Our customizable web channels offer the simplest yet most advanced method for delivering content on the internet. As easy to use as watching your television, but packed with innovative features, there is no other platform as effective as BeeVP. From development, production & personal service, we're your partners for success in the New Media Era.
Beevp example web channel
    broadband video platform interactive features
  • Branded Look and Style : In order to create a seamless match, we evaluate your companies current image, website & marketing materials
  • Client Specific: With custom graphics, colors, buttons and layout, every channel is an original creation
    broadband video platform interactive features
  • Close captions: realtime multi-language selection.
  • Video resizing: standard, double size and now Full-Screen flash video for immersive experience.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: For easy access to features, and interface controlling (pause, play, forward etc). Your keyboard acts as a remote!
  • Download to hardrive: option to allow user to Download the video currently playing to their hardrive for use in ipods, or other media devices.
  • Segment information: learn about each video. Add a description, related links, images, duration, rating, genre and more.
  • External embedding: To ensure your video is seen by everyone, users can simply share the video by posting to blogs, websites or social networking communities.
  • Video effects: Adjust brightness, opacity, colors, black and white filters, sepia, old film look and other creative effects, all in realtime.
  • Trivias and polls : Let viewers react to the content, with realtime trivia questions, polls and comment boards
    broadband video platform advertisement integration
  • Pre roll: Short form commercials can easily be inserted before each video.
  • 320 x 75 horizontal banner : This banner is visible directly under the video window. Can be animated, static, clickable etc.
  • 250 x 250 square banner : This banner can be added between segments or used to compliment a pre roll ad.
  • background banner : This banner is seen all around the web-channel & works best for hi-res images.
  • 550 x 150 vertical banner :When viewers go to  "double size mode", this banner appears next to the video.
  • featured profile :We specialize in producing "entertaining content' centered around a sponsors message. Now you can to. 
  • Product placement : Easily integrate product placement into the production of your segments. Combined with banner ads, this is a sure way to drive results.
  • Context sensitive links :Users can now click on a particular product or service seen in the video, and be redirected to that related item.
    broadband video platform services
  • Consulting : Before beginning any project, our team performs an analysis of your company to determine the best solution for your needs
  • Closed Caption translation : Let us translate your videos into multiple languages. After all, this is the World Wide Web. 
  • Video compression to multiple formats: We can encode your videos to any format required. (flash, .mov, .wmv etc)
  • Reliable Hosting : We're proud to offer the most robust, secure, scalable & affordable hosting solutions for your videos.
  • Performance Reporting: By hosting with us, we constantly provide you with detailed information re:  traffic, viewing habits & usage statistics.
  • SEO Optimization : Our SEO Experts make it easy for viewers to find your content. Get the rankings you deserve, let us show you how.
  • Technical support : As we continue to make new advances in IPTV, you will be the 1st to receive any updates & improvements made to the platform, Not to mention, that our team is readily available to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. 
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